Management Decision: 3rd Annual Conference



Management Decision (MD) will host the 3rd Annual Conference on June 3rd, 2024. The
Conference will only be in person at Sorbonne University in Paris, France, the day
before the 20th Academy of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Knowledge
Conference (June 4-6, 2024).

The purpose of the 3rd MD conference is to bring together contributors, MD editors and board members, and experts in business science to: a) provide an update and discussion of MD; b) deliver a forum for presenting a scientific work directed to one of the below Journal Sections/Special Issue and; c) offer feedback on the presented work to increase the likelihood of acceptance to MD.

Three Tracks for the Conference:

  1. Over a Half-Century of Management Decision
    This section in MD aims to highlight all the research presented within a specific topic (e.g., leadership, strategy, entrepreneurship, marketing, operations, etc.) in MD over all relevant issues since 1967 (for more details see Randolph-Seng, 2022). Articles for this section must conform to the general outline for writing review papers (e.g., Tranfield et al., 2003; Breslin and Gatrell, 2020; Snyder, 2019; Webster and Watson, 2002). Helpful in this regard is Caputo et al. (2022) who offer a bibliometric analysis of MD across all 50+ years of existence.
  2. In-Motion
    This section in MD offers a publication space where management scholars and practitioners can have a dialogue to create real-world impact. In-Motion papers may: use real-life cases to further refine management academic theory, go against conventional wisdom, offer solutions to real problems experienced by managers, provide actionable interventions to help practitioners get started, and/or give a voice to different levels of organizations that do not typically appear in the management literature (for more details see Chen & Randolph-Seng, 2021).
  3. Special Issue
    Authors interested in submitting a contribution to the conference Special Issue (SI) will benefit by getting feedback before the formal opening of the SI in the Fall of 2024. The SI is entitled, “Board Structure and Board Composition as Criterion Variables: Antecedents, Context, and Limits of Corporate Governance”. For additional information about the SI please contact the Guest Editors:
    Prof. Guclu Atinc
    Professor of Management
    Texas A&M University – Commerce

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