Academy of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Knowledge membership expresses a researcher’s continuous focus on innovation and knowledge processes. Academy members embrace the wisdom of Academy Fellow Gerd Gigerenzer, who argues that “Scientists’ tools are not neutral.” Tools-in-use indicate the relevance of alternative theories and the researcher’s focus as to how to answer research questions. Academy members recognize the need to contribute with useful theory on why superior innovations are often initially rejected by users who would benefit the most from their adoption. Academy members understand that innovation and knowledge research is a tricky business because people in organizations/firms often say more or less than they consciously or unconsciously know.

Academy of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Knowledge is the one global organization that welcomes scholars seeking to acquire a deep understanding of innovation and knowledge theory and practice.

Academy of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Knowledge  holds its Conferences in top international universities. The overall theme of the Conference will be broken down into the same topic or different subtopics for each journal; this is decided by the editor-in-chief of the journals. In this way, the various topics can be adapted to the different streams of research and editorial policies of each journal, with a total of Sessions or Tracks according the number of journals. 

One of the results of the Conference is to select papers that, depending on the speciality of the journal and the quality of the papers, will be able to publish in the journals. Ethical guidelines are common in Academy of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Knowledge Conferences. Academic and professional integrity and excellence are standard at the Conferences. The Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines are compliant with COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics). All the Academy journals comply with the principles of transparency and best practice for scholarship.

In sum, if the paper is accepted to be presented at the Conference, the abstracts will automatically go to the Conference Proceedings with an ISBN. Furthermore, the best papers will have the opportunity to be published in the journals.

In the 14th Academy of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Knowledge Conference, the participants will be able to discuss several academic issues with editors of SSCI/JCR-ranked journals (WOS by Clarivate Analytics)

Rejection rate of total submissions

Number of papers published in SSCI/JCR-ranked journal (WOS by Clarivate Analytics and SCOPUS Journals)

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