22nd Academy of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Knowledge Conference –AI BEYOND FRONTIERS OF TECHNOLOGY AND KNOWLEDGE


June 18-20, 2025


The 22nd Academy of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Knowledge Conference (Alcala, June 18–20, 2025) will be a hybrid event, combining the in-person experience with all the advantages of a virtual conference.

Virtual attendees will have access to the all sessions in streaming. The technical program will include physical sessions with on-site presentations and virtual (online) sessions for remote participants.
The ACIEK hybrid conference format is a new and innovative way for you to learn, connect, and network. It offers all the advantages of a regular conference, without the need to travel to the conference site. Participants can attend either in person or online from wherever they are in the world. We are working with our conference venue partners to ensure a safe and secure environment.

We invite those who are not able to attend in person to join us virtually for the 2025 ACIEK Conference!
Authors should choose between an online or in-person presentation before receiving the acceptance letter inviting them to present their paper at the conference. Regardless of whether one of the co-authors makes their registration for the face-to-face modality, the rest of the authors will be able to choose if they want it the same or virtual modality.