ACIEK 2021 Guidelines for paper manager submission

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We would like to inform you that the submission deadline to upload the extended abstract is November 30th. In order to upload it, if you were not a participant in the Academy of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Knowledge 2020 virtual conference last year, you will have to create a profile to access your personal site. And if you were, you will be able to access this personal site using last year’s credentials. The email address and password generated last year are valid for submission. ACIEK PAPER MANAGER (Click Here)

Please remember to fill in all the required data correctly since it is the information that we will be using to generate the certificates, invoices or any related documents. However, regarding the billing data, it can be filled later when the payment is made.

Here you can find the link where you can see the extended abstract and full paper instructions, all the deadlines to upload your documents and some notifications of our scientific committee. ACIEK SUBMISSIONS (Click Here)

Since we live in an uncertain scenario, we are preparing everything to give you an unforgettable experience online via Zoom.

Please, if you have any doubt do not hesitate on contacting our team, we will be happy to help. We are really looking forward to see all your work and enjoy together this new edition.

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  1. husna on 2020-10-15

    Dear ACIEK team,

    I would like to know, either all the paper that has been accepted to present in this conference will be accepted to get published in one of the journal or only the best paper? If only the selected/ best paper get published, what about the rest?

    • admin_aciek on 2020-10-16

      Dear Husna,

      Not all papers accepted at the conference are accepted for publication. This depends on the quality of the paper.
      The following summary offers a brief description of the ACIEK review process:

      First, an author (or team of authors) submits a paper to the ACIEK Conference, indicating the target journal.

      Second, the paper is accepted or rejected for presentation at the Conference. This is the first round of the review process, and it is performed by the Conference Scientific Committee.

      Third, if the paper is accepted, it is reviewed by at least two independent referees. After presenting the paper at the Conference, the author receives feedback on the paper. Only after presentation of the paper at the Conference will the author receive this feedback.

      Fourth, after receiving this feedback, the author is advised to submit the paper to the journal taking into account the reviewers’ comments. The decision regarding whether the paper will be published in the journal is made after the Conference. There is absolutely no guarantee before the Conference that any paper will be accepted for publication in one of the participating journals.

      Please remember that ACIEK Conferences are held to rigorous academic standards. Statistics for previous editions can be found at

      Best wishes,

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