Copyediting services


As you are aware, Academy of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Knowledge journals are highly respected journals. Many scholars consider publishing in these journals to be a major career achievement.



To ask a translator to simultaneously copyedit what he or she is translating is probably a fool’s errand. Neither the translating nor the copyediting will be of good quality—the multitasking requirements are simply overwhelming.

Authors should be diligent in cleaning and polishing their papers. Authors are responsible for copyediting quality (including American English) before sending the paper to Academy of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Knowledge guest editors. Therefore, even after a manuscript has been accepted for its originality, theoretical merit, and empirical quality; after the full double-blind review process; after the reviewers’ recommendations; and after the decision of the guest or associate editors, the paper will not be ready for publication until it fully meets the journal’s style requirements.

Once accepted, those papers that substantially fail to meet the journal’s style requirements will be rejected. In such cases, these papers WILL NOT HAVE A SECOND CHANCE for revision or resubmission to the journals.

Authors are completely free to discreetly contact whomever they want for copyediting services. Professionals who offer these services are, among others: