GIKA 2019. Regional Chile

The 9th Global Innovation and Knowledge Academy (GIKA)


Business for profit & non-for-profit: Social and Economics Aspects of Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Marketing

16 to 17 of January 2019, Concepcion-Chile


Concepcion is a commune and city in Chile belonging to the Greater Concepcion metropolitan area, and is the capital of the Biobío region. The urban nucleus of Concepción exerts a significant impact in the national commerce when being part of the region with more industrialization of the country. The city houses varied bridges, murals, parks and lagoons. The city of Concepción has an important economic and demographic development, having from its foundation a great historical, social and cultural relevance in the country. It is even considered one of the most important urban, demographic, administrative, financial and commercial centers of Chile, together with Santiago and Valparaíso. It also has several universities, among which the Universidad de Concepción, the Universidad del Bío-Bío and the Catholic University of the Santísima Concepción stand out. Being the latter who will host the version of Gika Latin America 2019. Finally, Concepcion is a city with a lot of cultural life, due to its wide student mobility, the presence of important museums and for being the headquarters of several recognized artists both nationally and internationally.


The Catholic University of the Santísima Concepción (UCSC) is a traditional and private university emerged from the Archdiocese of the Most Holy Conception, by decree of the Archbishop of Concepción on July 10, 1991.
The UCSC is a traditional university with legal personality of public law, autonomous, private, and attached to the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities. He is also a member of the Chilean University Network G9 and the International Federation of Catholic Universities (FIUC). Currently, it has the Institute of Theology and the Technological Institute, as well as the Faculties of Law, Science, Education, Engineering, Medicine, Economic and Administrative Sciences and Communication, History, and Social Sciences. It is currently accredited by the National Accreditation Commission (CNA-Chile) for a period of 4 years, from November 2016 to November 2020. For more information about UCSC, you can visit

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  • International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal
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  • Business and Society

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Innovation

  • Family Business Research

  • International Management

  • Finance

  • Marketing and Consumer behavior

  • Information technology Management

  • Organization Behavior

  • Corporate Governance

  • Special Track in Spanish