June 14th

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Welcome to ACIEK Sorbonne Virtual 2021 Conference

- Eric Lamarque, Directeur IAE Paris Sorbonne Business School, President IAE France.

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How to Publish

- Naveen Donthu-How to publish in JBR
- Fred Philips-How to publish in TFSC
- Paul Jones-How to publish in IJEBR
- Sascha Kraus-How to publish in RMS
- Marinko Škare-How to publish in ER
- Sang Lee- How to publish in SBJ
- Daniel Palacios-How to publish in IEMJ
- Steven  D'alessandro-How to publish in JCB
- Stefano Bresciani-How to publish in BFJ
- Manuel Alonso-How to publish in Academia
- Debate session with other Editors (Alexander Brem, William McDowell, Hooshang Beheshti, Leo Dana, Madjid Tavana, Marcin Staniewski and Enrique Bigne)

June 15th

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Parallel Sessions

June 16th

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The ACIEK Interest Group Talks

- New advances on business topics
- Technology and innovation management
- Open innovation
- Psychological and management, and psychology and marketing
- Marketing and communication
- Entrepreneurship
- Strategic management
- Service management
- Corporate finance
- Organizational behavior
- Human resource management
- Social changes and social issues
- Economics and society
- Sustainiblity and green economy
- Education and development
- Operations, supply chain management and logistics
- Information systems
- Public and nonprofit organizations
- Research methods
- Tourism management
- Family business
- Diversity management
- International business
- Consumer behavior
- Industrial Marketing
- Intangible assets management
- Business ethics
- Food & beverage
- Gender and diversity